Morum cadi (singular morum cadus), also known as Screechers, are undead monsters[1] heavily utilized in the armies of the Dire Magnus.


Morum cadi are known for their petrifying scream, which invokes fear and freezes victims in place. People can train themselves to resist its effect, but as it is often unexpected, this can be difficult.

Morum cadi usually obey one master, who happens to be the Dire Magnus in the series overall and the Countess in The Emerald Atlas specifically. In battle, morum cadi use their screams, claws, and usually swords against their enemies.


Morum cadi have dark skin, yellow eyes, and usually tattered rags of cloth. They also have long claws.



  • "morum cadi" is a Latin phrase which translates to "the vessels of custom" or loosely "vessels of death" (mos, morum: custom, behavior / mors, mortum: death; cadi: vessels, pitchers, jars). While "death" seems the better definition for "morum," it is technically not correct


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