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Dr. Pym

Illustration of Dr. Pym in a Random House book trailer for The Emerald Atlas

Biographical information
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Stanislaus Pym
Unknown; circa. 4th century BC
Fortress of the Dire Magnus
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Dr. Stanislaus Pym was a wizard and a member of both the Council of Rhakotis and the Council of Loris. He wrote the Fire Chronicle, one of the Books of Beginning, and guided the books' Keepers- Kate, Michael, and Emma Wibberly- through their quest to retrieve them.

He was born sometime in the 4th century BC (around the same time as the first Dire Magnus) and, because of his connection to the Chronicle, the Book of Life, he lived for over two thousand years, the whole time fighting the Dire Magnus and his forces.

He became friends with Richard Wibberly through Richard's teacher, Dr. Algernon, a friend of Pym's. He foretold that Richard's future children with his wife, Clare, would be the siblings of prophecy destined to unite the Books of Beginning.

Later, after Richard and Clare were kidnapped by the Dire Magnus, Pym helped to take care of the children and brought them to his mansion in Cambridge Falls, VT, where he told them about the first book - the Atlas - which was hidden in Cambridge Falls, and helped them- the book's Keeper, Kate, specifically- to find it.

Pym also assisted guided Michael Wibberly in finding the Chronicle in Antarctica, and held off the Dire Magnus's forces while Michael proceeded further.

After the defeat of the Dire Magnus's army in the valley of the elves, Pym helped rescue the kidnapped Emma Wibberly from the enemy's fortress in Mongolia, but let himself die by evaporation when taken hostage and used as leverage against the siblings.

Later, during Emma Wibberly's quest to the land of the dead, she encountered his spirit, which guided her to the carriadin, who showed her the way to the book. After Emma claimed the book, she restored memory to Pym's spirit. She said goodbye to Pym and their friend Gabriel at the portal to the land of the living.