Kate, Emma and Michael are back at the orphanage they was in before going to Cambridge Falls, Edgar Allan Poe Home for Hopeless and Incorrigible Orphans, due to the fact that Dr. Pym and Gabriel are both on a secret mission. Kate has bad nightmares of the Dire Magnus, and it comes true. During the attack on the orphanage, Kate is whisked back a 100 (give or take 13 years) while leaving Michael in charge of Emma. Dr. Pym finds the two younger kids, and bring them on a search for the Fire Chronicle, the second book of the books of beginning. Michael drinks the potion the (second) last Guardian left, and finds the position of the book, while Kate meets two boys, Beatles and Jake in the past. During the quest of finding the second book, the "dragon" princess Wilamena falls into Michael. In the past, however, Kate meets the Savages, gets hunted by Rourke, and meets the Dire Magnus, finding out the horrid truth; that Rafe, the boy she met while meeting the Savages, actually the leader of the Savages will be the next and final Dire Magnus. And when Michael has a war with the present Rourke, she finds out that she is in love with him, even though she tries to deny it, after she saves him from a falling iron bell. Then, she is shot and Rafe presents himself to the ninth Dire Magnus so as he could save Kate. Kate is sent back to present, where Michael trades for her life with Rafe/Dire Magnus because he can believe that he wants Kate back too. But during trying to save a dead Kate, they lose Emma, who yet has to find the last book to their enemy.