Wizards are humans with the ability to use magic. They can be very powerful, but have naturally short lives. Major exceptions to this rule are Dr. Pym and the Dire Magnus, who attained immortality in other ways. Female wizards are witches. The difference between wizards and sorcerers, if any, is unknown.

Known Wizards and WitchesEdit

  • Dr. Stanislaus Pym
  • the Countess
  • the Secretary (minor)
  • the Dire Magnus
  • Unamed Rulers of Rhakotis
  • Unamed Witch in New York
  • Rafe (see Dire Magnus)
  • Henrietta Burke
  • Hugo Algernon
  • Rourke
  • Magda von Klappen
  • Master Chu
  • Unamed Old Wizard ( friend of Doctor Pym)
  • the Necromati
  • Granny Pete